Are Your Virtual Delivery Skills In Need of a Makeover?

This Train-the Trainers workshop will give you the practice you need to engage and inspire your participants, so your online training finally hits home.

The trend towards virtual training is clear. Web-based training presents tremendous business opportunities for training departments and facilitators including:

  • Greater flexibility in course scheduling
  • Work from a single location to deliver all training
  • Improved learning outcomes through application of learning between sessions (spaced learning)

The problem is that most people treat virtual training just like live training and lose the power of this unique medium.

Done wrong, virtual training can result in disengaged learners, loss of credibility for trainers, ineffective training, and ultimately negative ROI.

Making virtual delivery work effectively requires two components:

1.  Courses Designed for the Virtual Platform – Virtual training is a whole different animal than live instructor-led training. Your programs have be designed from the ground up to leverage this powerful tool. Marlaina Capes of Enlightened Training will consult with you to perfect your virtual training so it achieves the outcomes you’re hoping for.

2. Facilitators with Virtual Training Skills – For virtual to be effective, facilitators have to understand how to engage learners within the first 5 minutes of a session and keep them engaged. Your participants are sitting in front of their computer, email and Facebook, so you have to learn the secrets of grabbing and keeping their attention virtually. Mastering the Art of Virtual Delivery is designed specifically to give you the hands-on practice you need to become a top-notch virtual facilitator.

Mastering the Art of Virtual Delivery

Mastering the Art of Virtual Delivery is a three-part workshop (2 hours per session) where trainers learn and apply the skills that will set their workshops apart. This course is designed for facilitators, comfortable with Instructor Led Training and interested in developing skills for effective delivery in the world of Virtual Training. At the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Create connection with virtual participants
  • Demonstrate mastery of vocal skills to keep participants engaged
  • Learn and practice virtual facilitator essentials
  • Utilize visual resources to maintain participant’s interest
  • Demonstrate a learner-centric versus content centric-approach
  • Receive personal feedback from facilitator and peers on virtual delivery skills.

Sign up now – space is limited to 10 participants per workshop!

Designing for Virtual Learners

The common cry of anyone delivering live online training is “How do I keep the learners engaged?”  It turns out that knowing how to deliver great web training is only half of the formula.  The other half resides in the content design.

In this 3 session workshop (two hours each session) learners will:

  • Learn the 14 steps of a design model designed exclusively for Virtual Instructor Led Training
  • Apply the key steps in a case study
  • Apply the concepts and strategies to their own content
  • Receive a review of their content from the facilitator and other participants

Sign up now – space is limited to 10 participants per workshop!


Upcoming Trainings Dates- $495:

    • Mastering the Art of Virtual Delivery -November 6, 13 and 20th – Thursdays @ 9:00 AM PST – 11:00 AM PST
    • Mastering the Art of Virtual Delivery January 7, 14 and 21 – Wednesdays @ 8:00 AM PST – 10:00 AM PST

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  • December 5 ,12th and 19th  – Fridays @ 8:00 AM PST – 10:00 AM PST
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