Icon ComputerWhether You’re Delivering Training to Employees or Customers – Are you Delivering Stellar Virtual Training?

If your Training Department is like many we talk to, you’re being asked to deliver great things on an increasingly reduced budget. You may have lost head count or have been asked to cut back on travel expenses, but the need to design and deliver new classes is the same or may have even increased.

It’s very likely that you’ve started looking into Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) as a possible cost cutting solution. But chances are, you don’t have the time to figure out how to get started.

You may have even tried Virtual Instructor Led Training and the results were less than satisfactory. You left the experience feeling that it simply doesn’t work for your content. You may be asking yourself: “What next?”

Enlightened Training wants to partner with you to create the kind of training experience for your participants and facilitators to get the results you want. A great training experience at reduced cost, with less concentrated time away from the office for participants.

We also provide an experiential workshop: Mastering the Art of Virtual Training, where participants will practice and develop the skills that will help them transfer their Instructor Led Training skills to the virtual platform.

We offer five primary services for Corporate Training Departments:

  1. Jumpstart Your Live Online Training Program – start here if you are on the fence and want suggestions about what would be involved in getting your course virtual ready.
  2. Knowledge Design Blueprint – start here if you want a course designed for Virtual Instructor Led Training.
  3. Optimize a Course – start here if you have an existing course that needs to be converted for virtual delivery.
  4. Create a Virtual Course from Scratch – start here if you have a new course that you think is well suited for Virtual Instructor Led Training.
  5. Train-the-Trainer-Workshop – start here if you have facilitators that need to get prepared to deliver virtually.

Jumpstart Your Live Online Training Program

Icon - rulersYou may be considering Live Online Training, or Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) – maybe for one course or for a number of courses.

You may be wondering if your content can work in virtual. And if it does work, what will it take to convert it?

Our VILT experts will evaluate your materials and let you know exactly what it will take to convert it into a successful VILT experience for your audience.

Upon completion you will receive a review, complete with recommendations on what it will take to get your content Virtual ready, and next steps for making it happen.

Knowledge Design Blueprint

Icon - compassThe first step in designing virtual content is to create a Knowledge Design Blueprint that maps your current content for use in the virtual world. A Knowledge Design Blueprint is a storyboard for Virtual Instructor Led Training.

The blueprint identifies how your material could be chunked into smaller parts for virtual delivery. The Knowledge Design Blueprint also identifies participant activities and interactions to ensure the appropriate frequency for optimal Virtual engagement. It is truly a roadmap for the work ahead.

At the completion of the Knowledge Design Blueprint you will receive a proposed slide –by-slide makeover of your content for use in virtual. The document will depict where new slides are needed and also specify participant activities, breakout sessions and participant interactions. Additionally a Knowledge Design Blueprint provides a scope of work for conversion to Virtual Instructor Led Training.

Once complete, you may chose to take on the design of your course on your own or you can hire Enlightened Training to Convert the Course for you.

Optimize an Existing Program

Icon - magnifying glassIf you’ve been successful with an Instructor Led course and you want to ‘go virtual’ with it, you’ll want your first delivery to be stellar.

But making virtual work well requires a complete refresh of your content. Taking what you already have and putting it into a virtual platform just won’t cut it.

The platform differences require a rewrite with an eye for the nuances of virtual. Activities need to be redesigned and content chunked into smaller parts allowing for frequent participant interaction. Participant activities need to be reconsidered for options available in the virtual platform.

Enlightened Training can make the conversion for you, saving you from the embarrassing and awkward mistakes that we’ve learned to avoid.

And if you’ve tried a virtual workshop and it just wasn’t quite the experience you had hoped for we can adapt that course for you. Our team of experts will redesign your course and get it to where it will really drive engagement and learning!

Your deliverables:

  • a refreshed and graphically enhanced PowerPoint deck
  • a detailed Facilitator Guide with provoking questions and ideas for engagement
  • a Participant Workbook reworked for virtual learning

… All optimized for the virtual platform!

Create a Virtual Training Course

Icon - magnetic compassIf you’ve got a course in mind that has yet to be developed but you know you want it delivered virtually, we can do the work for you.

We’ll take your content and optimize it for the virtual platform. We will use our extensive experience as virtual instructional designers and our expertise as virtual facilitators and convert your course for you.

Starting with a Knowledge Design Blueprint, we will maximize engagement and find creative ways to keep your participants attentive and actually learning the new skills you’re imparting.

At the end of this process, you will receive:

• a refreshed and graphically enhanced PowerPoint deck
• a detailed Facilitator Guide with provoking questions and ideas for engagement
• a Participant Workbook reworked for virtual learning

… All optimized for virtual and ready for delivery!


Icon - chatWhen you make the move to virtual, your facilitators deserve the opportunity to be their best.

The new world of virtual delivery requires an entirely different skill set from Instructor Led Training, and the learning curve can be steep and painful. Let’s face it, there are many articles written about how to deliver Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) but when does a facilitator get the chance to practice the skills that will make them shine?

True preparation requires developing fluency in navigating the interface, cultivating a new set of virtual facilitation skills and emergency back up plans for when things go wrong as well as learning the art of engaging learners virtually.

We offer an experiential Train-the-Trainer Workshop series to get your team ready to deliver live online training. Our workshops are designed to give you the practice and the feedback you’ll need to be an outstanding virtual facilitator.

These classes are fun and practical and you will complete the class with candid and actionable feedback from the facilitator and other participants also looking to enhance their skills!

Workshops are available as public offerings OR may be scheduled privately for groups of 5 or more to take together.

Cost: $495/participant – special pricing for teams of 5 or more.