Icon GlobeIs Virtual Training Next For Your Training Program?

Your company has successfully developed and sold Instructor Led Training programs. You know it works – you have clients that purchase programs from you and they love your course. But now they’re asking for live online training – Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT).

Like many of our clients, you may initially think “our materials won’t work if you’re not in a classroom, ” or “how can this work…the material is too technical”, or “they just have to be face- to- face.” We understand how you feel.

We have helped other nationally recognized companies – such as Fierce, Inc., Sales Readiness Group and Johnson Financial Group – convert their content for Virtual Instructor Led Training and we’d like to help you. Through the lens of our solid expertise, we can help determine whether or not your class can work virtually. If so, we’ll help you optimize it for live online training.

The benefits for your company in converting your courses to the virtual format are that you will be poised to take advantage of the inherent benefits of Virtual Instructor Led Training; namely a larger audience reach, greater scheduling flexibility and reduced travel-related training costs.

It’s safe to guess that you’ve heard objections from customers about taking people away from their work to take a day of training due to lost productivity. Virtual Instructor Led Training minimizes that objection. Your clients will be able to pull people for a smaller period of time and still get the same great results – in some cases, even better results because of the element of ‘spaced learning.’ By delivering smaller chunks of material and practicing in between courses, application of your content can actually go up.

But it’s not just that. You will stay on top of your client’s preferred provider list because you are current with the ever-increasing trend of live online training. You may also see a reduced cost of distribution by adapting participant materials into Virtual Instructor Led Training format, reducing production and distribution costs.

And, for your clients, live online training allows an HR or Training professional to deliver training without the climbing costs of travel and expenses. They have greater scheduling options and yet still gain all the benefits of pulling remote teams together to collaborate with their colleagues.

It’s a win-win! Both your clients win and you win with the adoption of Virtual Instructor Led Training.

We provide 3 primary services to get you started:

  1. Jumpstart your Live Online Training Program – start here if you are considering whether online training will work for your course(s).
  2. Knowledge Design Blueprint – start here if you know you want to move your content to Virtual Instructor Led Training but want some help getting started.
  3. Optimize a Course – start here if you want us to convert your course for the virtual platform.

Jumpstart Your Live Online Training Program

Icon - rulersYou may be considering online training — maybe for one course or for a number of courses.

You may be wondering if your content can work in an online format.

And if it does work, what will it take to convert it?

Our virtual experts will evaluate your materials and let you know exactly what it will take to convert it into a successful Virtual Instructor Led Training course for your audience.

Upon completion you will receive a Virtual Assessment Report, complete with recommendations on what it will take to get your content ready and next steps for making it happen.

Knowledge Design Blueprint

Icon - compassThe first step in designing virtual content is to create a Knowledge Design Blueprint that maps your current content for use in the virtual world. A Knowledge Design Blueprint is a storyboard for Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT).

The Blueprint identifies how your material could be chunked into smaller parts for VILT delivery. The Knowledge Design Blueprint also identifies participant activities and interactions to ensure the appropriate frequency for optimal virtual engagement. It is truly a roadmap for the work ahead.

Once the Blueprint is completed, you will receive a slide-by-slide makeover of your content for use in virtual. The document will depict where new slides are needed and also specify participant activities, breakout sessions and participant interactions. Additionally, a Knowledge Design Blueprint provides a scope of work for conversion to Virtual Instructor Led Training.

After you have received your Knowledge Design Blueprint, you may chose to take on the design of your course on your own or, you can have Enlightened Training complete the course for you.

Optimize a Course for Virtual

Icon - magnifying glassIf you know you want to move to virtual and you’re ready to get started, we can do the work for you. We’ll take your content and optimize it for the virtual platform. We will use our extensive experience as Virtual Instructional Designers and Virtual Facilitators to convert your course for you.

With our intimate knowledge of virtual training, we will maximize engagement and find creative ways to keep your participants attentive and learning while staying true to your content.

At the end of this process, you will receive:

  • a refreshed and graphically enhanced PowerPoint deck
  • a detailed Facilitator Guide with provoking questions and ideas for engagement
  • a Participant Workbook reworked for virtual learning

…All optimized for Virtual Instructor Led Training and ready for delivery!