What works in the Instructor Led Classroom does not work in the virtual world.

Icon - magnifying glassA course that has not been optimized for live online training is a course that will fail in the virtual platform. All the greatest facilitation skills in the world cannot compensate for all of the pitfalls and nuances of live online training.

Success starts with a course that is optimized for the platform: that is designed with specific insight into how and where participants can become lost or disengaged. In an Instructor Led Training class, the facilitator holds the audience captive (however elegantly it’s done) and has at their disposal many tools and techniques to compensate if and when participants become confused, reluctant or disengaged.

However, in Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) participants can’t be seen by the facilitator and participants have multiple other demands on their desktop vying for their attention: email, LinkedIn updates, text messages as well as their day to day work piling up on their desk. If the facilitator loses them for more than a brief second, it’s hard to sync back up with the participants and get things back on track.

While new techniques are definitely necessary for Mastering the Art of Virtual Training, even the best of facilitators need content that is optimized and conducive to Virtual Instructor Led Training.

Optimization means taking a fresh look at your content through the lens of a virtual participant. It means building content that will drive virtual engagement. It means avoiding pitfalls that come with virtual platforms.

Knowing the mistakes and landmines of the virtual environment and having years of experience with virtual learners, we are uniquely qualified to ensure your Virtual Instructor Led Training will be successful: the first time!

How it Works

Our Virtual Knowledge Design Experts know exactly what it takes to optimize your existing class to Virtual Instructor Led Training. With an eye for techniques that will engage your audience and an expert look at how to convey information virtually, we will take your existing materials and work our magic to get them ready for virtual delivery. This process includes observation of a pilot delivery to be sure we’ve hit the mark.

Upon completion of this process you will receive:

  • a refreshed and graphically enhanced PowerPoint deck
  • a detailed Facilitator Guide with provoking questions and ideas for engagement
  • a Participant Workbook reworked for virtual learning
  • a Participant Interaction Log to help ensure engagement
  • a review of a pilot of the new course.

By having Enlightened Training Optimize your Course, you can be assured that it will be done right the first time.

I’m In! What’s Next?

If you’re ready to have a course optimized, start with the steps below:

  1. Sign up for a free Optimization-a-Course Consultation on the button below
  2. Send us a copy of your existing curriculum
  3. Schedule a Knowledge Design Blueprint Review
  4. Prepare to deliver your new Virtual Instructor Led Course.