Just as you wouldn’t take a trip without a roadmap, you can’t design for Live Online Courses without a roadmap either.

Icon - compassWhether you’ve got an Instructor Led course that is already designed OR you have a course that you want to get out of your head and into the world you may very well need help in getting it ready for the virtual platform.

The closer you are to your own material, the harder it is to have perspective on what it will mean to a learner that is new to your content. The art of taking content and turning it into a class is known as Instructional Design.

But in Virtual Instructor Led Training, the content has to be designed with unique consideration to the audience and the platform. A Virtual Training Roadmap guides you in creating the program right the first time so it does justice to your knowledge and your material and ultimately serves your audience. It’s sets you up for success.

This step ensures that your Virtual Instructor Led Training course will work. It will help your facilitators avoid landmines and problems that could create awkward delivery problems. By applying our expert eye to the nuances and pitfalls of the Virtual Platform, we can help ensure a successful workshop for you – the first time.

How it Works

The Virtual Training Roadmpa is the first step to optimizing your content for Virtual. Because virtual content needs to be so visually rich, this custom Roadmap will storyboard your course while optimizing the design for VILT.

Virtual training, can be an unforgiving platform and requires a map so you know you’re getting the design right. The detailed Roadmap is the first step in the design process for Virtual Instructor Led Training. It is the analysis and organization of your existing or new content to be virtual ready.

This includes chunking down the content into smaller parts than is used for most Instructor Led Training courses. The Virtual Training Roadmap identifies participant activities and interactions to ensure the appropriate frequency for optimal virtual engagement. It also analyzes application exercises so that participants get a chance to apply their skills between sessions. It is truly a roadmap for the development work ahead.

Once you receive your Virtual Training Roadmap you will have a comprehensive document that depicts where new content is needed plus creative suggestions on how to develop those activities for the virtual platform. Additionally a Virtual Training Roadmap provides a scope of work for conversion to Virtual Instructor Led Training in terms of estimated hours of development.

After you receive your Roadmap, Enlightened Training can develop your virtual course OR you may choose to develop it yourself.

I’m in! What’s Next?

  1. Request a Virtual Training Roadmap Consultation
  2. Review your Roadmap
  3. Determine if you want to develop the course or have Enlightened Training develop it for you.

You class will then be ready to be developed!

Schedule a free Virtual Training Roadmap consultation to discuss your project.