You’re an expert in your field, or have some unique knowledge, chances are that you’ve dreamed of turning your expertise into a class and taking your knowledge to the world.

Icon - magnetic compassYou may have even tried designing a class and found yourself stuck. But if your an individual looking for an incremental revenue stream, or a business with a new product or idea that needs training, you may want to take advantage of Live Online Training.

This unique platform allows you to facilitate a workshop with 10-12 participants from the comfort of your office or your home. You receive incremental revenue and help the world make the most of your knowledge.

The experts at Enlightened Training will work with you to create a Virtual Instructor Led workshop. Our design will take the Virtual platform into consideration and the end result will be a class designed to be delivered virtually.

How It Works

First we will spend some time on a Deep Dive, uncovering the learning objectives and the key outcomes of your training. We will collaborate with you on how to best take your knowledge to the world.

After that initial day we will begin the heavy lifting of turning all of your knowledge into a training class giving you periodic reviews to be sure that you like

We will identify the learning objectives, create a Knowledge Design Blueprint, develop the course and observe a pilot to be sure the course is on track.

Upon completion of this process you will receive:

  • a graphically enhanced PowerPoint deck designed for virtual delivery
  • a detailed Facilitator Guide with provoking questions and ideas for engagement
  • a Participant Workbook designed for virtual learning
  • an Interaction Log to track participant activities
  • a consult on the best virtual platform for your needs
  • a seat in the course Mastering the Art of Virtual Delivery
  • a pilot review of your course to be sure it’s on track.

All ready for virtual delivery!

I’m In! What’s Next?

If you’d like to have us Create a VILT Course for you, follow the steps below:

  1. Apply for a free Create-a-Course Consultation
  2. Schedule a Deep Dive session
  3. Schedule your Knowledge Design Blueprint review
  4. Schedule your course review.
  5. Schedule the delivery of your first class.