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Are you winning the battle for time and attention in the online classroom?

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Virtual Readiness Assessment

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We also provide additional services to help your transition to Live Online Training such as consulting and facilitation services, and help with webinars to ensure your audience stays with your presentation until the last slide.
We’ve all been to online training events where we tuned out just minutes into the session — and with good reason. Your time and attention are two of your most precious and overtaxed resources.

The people participating in your training events are no different.
The battle for their time and attention is fierce and they guard their resources very closely.

So, unless your virtual course is highly compelling, you will lose them to email, social media, texting, and all the other distractions that are just a click away.

There’s one thing all great virtual training courses have in common.
The best Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) courses have one thing in common — they earn participants’ time and attention by sparking engagement on a level that’s just as strong as what they would experience during in-person training. They do this by providing participants with an experience that’s specifically tailored to the online training platform.

Whether you’re new to Virtual Instructor Led Training or you’ve already given it a try, we will help you create an enhanced experience for your participants the first time without the expensive trial and error that comes with experimentation.

The best way to get started is to sign up for a free consulting session. In this laser-focused, 30-minute session, Marlaina will help you determine whether your program is a good fit for Virtual Instructor Led Training –and if so, help you identify the next steps for optimizing your program for the virtual platform. SIGN ME UP!


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If you’ve been doing Instructor-Led Training for a while, you know that there’s just something special about seeing a participant’s eyes light up when they experience an “aha” moment.

As the training landscape changes and more classes move online, it can be difficult to achieve the same depth of connection and engagement with your participants. However, there is a way to continue to get fantastic results even when you can’t train face-to-face. The key is to get creative about modifying your content for the virtual space.

Not sure where to start? That’s where we come in! 

Through our Virtual Readiness Assessment you’ll get an expert review of your existing class that will help you make an informed decision on whether going virtual is the right decision for your organization.

A Virtual Readiness Assessment is the place to start if:

  1. You’re wondering whether or not your content will work in a virtual setting
  2. You want to minimize trial and error involved in moving from Instructor-Led to Virtual Instructor Led Training
  3. You want some concrete ideas on how you can modify your content in order to optimize it for a virtual audience

Our clients consistently report that after moving to online training they’re able to reach more people and reduce costs — all while achieving stellar results. If you’re ready to see results like this through Virtual Instructor Led Training, we are ready to help you get started.


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At Enlightened Training, we’ve helped many companies successfully shift their training courses to an online learning environment.

Of all the organizations we’ve worked with, the most successful have one thing in common — they started by laying a solid foundation.

Why? Think about it this way — what’s the very first thing you’d do if you were going to plan a cross-country road trip? You’d probably find a map, locate point A and point B, gauge the distance in between, determine how much gas you’d need for the trip, decide on what cities to stop in, and ultimately plan a route that works best for you.

Creating web-based training is no different. Before you start developing course content, you need a plan that you can reference along the way.

Because virtual content needs to be so visually rich and needs to engage learners at a whole new level, this custom Virtual Training Roadmap will storyboard your course while optimizing the design for Virtual Instructor Led Training.

When the Roadmap is complete, you will receive a recommended makeover of your content for use in virtual. For some, this means a total slide-by-slide content renovation. For others, it simply means reshaping and transforming your content so it’s ready for a virtual environment. The Roadmap will depict where new slides are needed and also specify participant activities, breakout sessions and participant interactions.

Once you’ve created a Virtual Training Roadmap it will become the cornerstone for the rest of your course content. So, whether you decide to optimize the course yourself or have the training experts at Enlightened Training optimize it for you, the Roadmap is the first and most important first step.


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People are working, socializing and learning online in greater numbers now than ever before. To capture and keep the attention of your training audience, your courses need to be online too.

However, when moving to Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), most companies make one fatal mistake: they take an existing training course, slap it into their virtual platform , and then wonder why it’s not working.

Your audience is extremely savvy about the way technology works and they will instinctively know whether or not a course has been optimized with their virtual learning preferences in mind. If your audience are used to passively sitting through web-based training courses, they will stand up and take notice when participating in a fully optimized course.

Because the virtual classroom is so different and participants are more predisposed to distraction, your course needs to be designed and optimized for virtual even if it’s been proven successful in a live training environment.

So, how do we optimize your online learning course for virtual?

  • We start with a plan. Before getting started, we’ll take a look at what’s been most successful for you in a live training environment. After reviewing your current course, our training experts will be able to provide you with a clear roadmap  so you can see exactly how content and activities will shift when optimizing it for virtual.
  • We rework your course with your audience in mind. Learning online is very different from learning in a live environment. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that your participants are actively engaged and eager to participate. ,This means revising the content of your course to add graphically enhanced slides, break learning components into smaller sections, increase the depth and frequency of participant activities, and prepare a facilitator guide that you can use for compelling virtual delivery.
  • We maintain the integrity of your content. Our highest priority is to show you how to make modifications to your course content, without altering the integrity of your course in any way. We’ll work closely with your team to ensure that you have a course that is not only optimized for virtual, but also completely aligned with your teachings and your vision.

At Enlightened Training, we are proud to work with many forward thinking companies who know the value of having courses that are optimized for virtual training. We work with organizations that want to take their custom content and learn how to develop, design and deliver it in a virtual learning environment.


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Imagine doubling (or even tripling!)  the size of your training audience while slashing delivery costs at the very same time. Online training can make this possible for your organization.

If you are not yet offering any training live online training, because you want to do it right the first time, contact us. 

You don’t have to have all of the answers about how to turn your idea into a virtual course. That’s our specialty.

All you need to do is provide a basic idea of the concepts you want to teach and then leave the rest to us!

Here’s how it works:

  • As the expert in your subject area, we will work closely with you early on to extract the major training concepts and supporting evidence needed to build a stellar course.
  • Once we have a solid idea of WHAT you’ll be teaching, our training experts will get to work on the HOW part of the equation.
  • Next, we will design a course that will take the virtual platform into consideration and facilitate optimal participation from your audience.
  • Once the course has been designed, our team will do a beta delivery of the course material so you can see how everything unfolds in a virtual setting.
  • Last, but not least, we will give you guidance on how to market your brand new virtual course to a wider audience so you can reach more people in less time.

We work with companies like yours who want to reach a vastly larger audience, significantly reduce costs, and eliminate the need for extensive travel. If that sounds like what you need, click on the link below and let’s get started.


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If designing and delivering web-based training were easy to do, everyone would be doing it well. It takes specialized expertise to design content that translates well in an online training environment. And that’s just half of the equation. Delivering content virtually and learning how to capture and keep your audience’s attention requires practice.

Learning to design and deliver Virtual Instructor-Led Training is a lot like learning how to swim. You can read about it and watch other people do it all day long, but the very best way to learn is to jump in and give it a try.

Our Train-the-Trainer programs are designed to give virtual facilitators practice with the facilitation skills needed to deliver training virtually. But you won’t have to go it alone — you’ll get feedback and guidance from our expert trainers that will help you connect with your audience, keep them engaged throughout the training, and ensure that they achieve stellar results.

Designing Content to Engage Virtual Learners

Exceptional virtual classes have two interdependent, yet distinct, components – they need to be both designed and delivered with virtual learners in mind. In this class, participants will learn the proprietary Enlightened Training process of curriculum design. Our process is faster than any other approach and is proven to reduce the time it takes to design curriculum for virtual. Participants will apply the process in a case study and will get feedback on their content to assure a balanced virtual workshop.

Mastering the Art of Virtual Delivery

Facilitating virtual courses is very different from training in person and the last place you want to be “practicing” is in front of your participants. During this class, our expert trainers will help you prepare in a safe environment, giving you feedback on your performance and an opportunity to hone your skills before you go live.

Each class is three weeks long (with a two-hour class each week) and are highly interactive, including both peer and facilitator coaching.

Ready to get started honing your live online training skills? Click on the link below and register for one of our upcoming class series.


Optimizing Webinars

Icon - screenOur expert team can help you take most webinars and make them more compelling. We differentiate webinars because they do not seek to change performance like a training class. However, most webinars can be made to be more engaging, through what we know about virtual learning.

The same guidelines that make our VILT courses interesting and engaging can be applied to many webinars. We can take a look at your webinar and see if we can help you get the results you’re striving for: an engaged and memorable audience experience.

Hire a Virtual Trainer

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If you’d like to have an expert deliver your course for you once or many times, Enlightened Training facilitators are available.

Our facilitators have extensive experience delivering virtual workshops and are consistently recognized for their ability to engage audiences in Virtual Instructor Led Training.

Having us deliver VILT for you will model some of the best practices in the industry for keeping participants engaged. See how the pros deliver virtual and learn by watching.

Consulting Services

Icon - gearsEnlightened Training experts are available for consultation on a multitude of training needs. We consult on virtual platform assessment, pricing, and initiating launch plans for your virtual course so you and your audience have a successful experience right from the start.

Are you considering taking the leap to live online training but just aren’t sure?

Are you ready to leverage the power of Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)? The benefits are undeniable: dramatically reduced training delivery costs, shorter periods of time away from work, potentially higher retention and the benefit of reaching an unlimited geographical audience.

Should you wait? Are you ready? Where will you get the time to crack the code on this new type of learning?

If you’re planning to invest the time, effort and cost in moving to live online training, you’ll want to know exactly what you’re up against before you get started. AND if the virtual platform is new to you, where will you get the expertise to do it right the first time?

Enlightened Training can answer all of those questions for you and help you to jumpstart your live online program with a program assessment.

How it Works

You Virtual Assessment Report will give you a detailed plan of what you will need to do if you plan to move to Virtual Instructor Led Training. This is an unbiased assessment of the upsides and the downsides of moving your course to Virtual Instructor Led Training, viewed through the lens of experts in the field of Virtual Training.

Upon completion of our review you will receive a Virtual Assessment Report providing:

  • our analysis on whether or not your course is suited for virtual
  • Instructional Design modification recommendations to ensure the design is optimized for VILT
  • recommendations for best practices that should be included in virtual optimization
  • specific next steps for making the move to virtual so you’ll know exactly how to proceed.

From here, you’ll be ready to move forward, knowing exactly what lies ahead so that you can budget accordingly.

I’m in! What Next?

If you’re interested in a Virtual Assessment Report, the steps are easy:

  1. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Virtual Training Strategist, Marlaina Capes
  2. Send us your existing curriculum for review.

You’ll get your Virtual Assessment Report back in short order and be ready to begin your voyage into Virtual Instructor Led Training.