Icon PeopleYou’ve Been Asked to Deliver a Webinar – Because of your Expertise

You’re an expert in your field or in your company and your marketing department has asked you to deliver a webinar.

Because of your depth of knowledge, putting together a one hour webinar may feel daunting.  After all, you’re great at what you do but how do you convert that into a meaningful webinar? Being an expert in your field doesn’t mean you know how to design a great webinar.

If you would like to reach your audience at whole new levels let our experts help you convert your expertise into a webinar that will wow your audience..

The possibilities are limitless. But, in order to be successful in this brave new world, you need to be well prepared, and Enlightened Training is here to help you.

Free Consultation

Begin by scheduling a free 30-minute consultation to see if your topic is conducive to delivering in this platform.

In this free consultation, we will help you assess whether or not you’ve got a program that could work for a webinar.

Don’t be constricted by any preconceived notions. There are successful webinars in horse training, communication skills and personal identity and many technically targeted courses to name just a few.

Let Enlightened Training help you evaluate whether or not your program has potential.

Create a Virtual Course

Icon - magnetic compassDesigning a course may look easy but there is an art to a well-designed webinar.

Webinars need a specific type of design expertise to be effective for your audience. We pair your expertise with our knowledge of well-designed content and create a webinar for you to use virtually.

At the end of this process, you will receive:

  • a graphically enhanced PowerPoint deck designed for virtual delivery
  • a Facilitator Guide with tips on provoking questions and ideas for engagement
  • a Participant Workbook designed for virtual learning if appropriate
  • a seat in the course Mastering the Art of Virtual Delivery
  • a consult on the best virtual platform for your needs
  • a pilot review of your course to be sure it’s on track

…All optimized for virtual training and ready for delivery!

Included in the webinar price is a seat in mastering the art of virtual training: a chance to develop virtual delivery skills before you start teaching your class.