Burning Questions – Can All Content Can Be Taught Virtually?

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As a Virtual Training Strategist, I get questions on a daily basis:

Is my content conducive to a live online training course? How do I decide on the best technology platform? What will it cost to convert a class to virtual? 

These questions deserve answers and I intend on giving them. Introducing the “Burning Questions” Video Blog. Once a month, I will answer your …

The Downside of ‘Muting’ Virtual Learners

Most virtual training platforms have the ability for the facilitator to ‘mute’ listeners.  It’s very easy to see the reasons why.  First and foremost, you have maximum control over the virtual classroom.  When you want someone to talk, you unmute them.  If you don’t want to hear anything, you put them back on mute. And of equal importance, if you’ve …

Virtual Horse Training


I had the pleasure recently of working  with an amazing horse trainer, Barb Apple. Check out her web site: http://www.barbapple.com. Barb came to me with a unique challenge.  With over 20 years as a horse trainer, the thought of delivering workshops for ONE more winter in the Pacific NorthWest had lost it’s appeal.  Even for you readers that aren’t horse fanatics, it’s …

Four Secrets for Great Virtual Training

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Great Virtual Training

I have been delivering virtual training sessions for over four years now and have it has replaced much of my instructor led training.

And when I say delivering, I’m talking about delivering literally hundreds of sessions to the most widely diverse audience you can imagine. 

These sessions include international outsourcing companies, dental supply companies, software companies, …

Virtual Trainer – Discover The 5 Key Skills Of The Great Ones


What does it take to be a great virtual trainer?

With all the access to virtual platforms that are available today, a great many people are delivering ‘virtual training.’

Certainly, there are some fundamental virtual trainer / facilitation skills that translate well, whether in a virtual environment or a classroom setting.

Those fundamental virtual trainer skills are:
•    The ability to navigate and engage …

We’ve Shot the Messenger!


Because platforms for Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) provide a very useful platform for many types of presentations and because there has been a lack of clarity around nomenclature in this platform, many people run the risk of determining that VILT is NOT a viable training platform. They end up ‘shooting the messenger’ or determining that VILT cannot work before …