Burning Questions: Webinars vs. Live Online Training

In this week’s video blog, we’ll explore the differences between a webinar and a Live Online Training.  These considerations will help you be sure you’re achieving your goal and that your participants are getting what they hope for out of your training.

Watch here:

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Four Ways to Develop a Crucial Facilitation Skill

One of the groups that I belong to on LinkedIn recently had a very thought provoking question “What is the single most important skill for a facilitator?”  It was one of the most active discussions I’ve ever seen on LinkedIn and responses varied from “classroom management” to “being present.”  This electronic conversation got me thinking that there is not just …

Burning Questions: How To Drive Engagement In The Virtual Classroom

One of the hottest topics for Live Online Classes is, “How do I drive engagement?”

In this video blog, you’ll learn the three essentials for driving engagement in your live online classes, including my “secret weapon.” Watch here:

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Burning Questions: To Mute, or Not To Mute?

SHHHHHHH – Why not mute the participants?
In many virtual training classes, participants are muted as they enter the room or everyone is put on mute from the very beginning of the course. There is a real cost in this practice if you’re looking to drive engagement.

This week’s burning question provides two reasons why muting participants is not a good idea.

If …

How long is too long?

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When designing Live Online Training what is the optimum length for a session? While there is no single right answer to this question, my view is different from a lot of what I have read and heard. In this blog, I’d like to share my viewpoint and then I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Most of the ‘common …

Burning Questions: How Can I Make Time For Breakout Sessions?

One of the burning questions I frequently hear is “How can I make time for breakout sessions – they take so long and I only have 120 minutes?”

This week’s response will answer that question for you.  Facilitators often struggle with delivering all of their content in the shortened time frames that we use for Virtual Training but what it gains for you …

Online Training Breakdown: Terminology Demystified



If you find yourself scratching your head over the difference between Virtual Instructor Led Training, e-learning, m-learning, online training and web-based training, you’re not alone!

The entire training industry is at best, conflicted over terminology.  I met with one of the largest providers of online training platforms and the company themselves, had not made the distinction in their own marketing efforts …

Burning Questions – Which Platform Is Best?

The Number ONE question I’m asked is:

“Which platform is best to use for Virtual Training?”

Having tried all of them, there are quite a few platforms to choose from.  Each have their own strengths and weaknesses, but you’ll learn WHY I like one platform over ALL of the others. Watch here:

Do you have a question you want answered on a future …