Live Online Training is an art.

Great online classes require designing or converting content especially for the bold new world of Virtual Instructor Led training.

Instructional Design is the term applied to crafting content into instructor led training, but optimizing the content, the layout and the activities to ensure engagement with your audience takes on a whole new challenge.

A great film is not determined solely on one element such as its acting, screenplay, scenery or costumes. Just as a well directed film draws you into the experience, a well designed Virtual class includes many components to delight the audience and keep them engaged.

Creating this immersive experience requires a unique approach to designing a class. That’s where we can help.

Over the past 6 years, we’ve applied our 20 years of instructional design and facilitation experience and our most creative thinking to help organizations like Fierce, Inc., Sales Readiness Group and many others to cross the divide and launch blockbuster programs designed exclusively for the virtual platform.

Our clients are now able to reach thousands of people every year who were previously inaccessible and are reducing their training costs at the same time.

“Our clients have been able to expand their reach to national and worldwide sales forces at a fraction of the cost. The best part is that they are delighted with the skill development they are seeing and the high level of participation in the workshops. The training is making a difference to their bottom line.”
– David Jacoby – President Sales Readiness Group

Training is all about improving people’s performance through skill development, awareness and practice. We want our clients to deliver compelling training that really changes performance. We can help you transform lives through your knowledge and expertise regardless of your subject area. And it’s what we do best. And we want to help you so that your Live Online classes will shine!

The best way to get started is with a Free Consultation. Let our experts help you determine the next steps for your training needs.

About Marlaina Capes

Marlaina CapesMarlaina Capes is a Virtual Training Strategist with over 2 decades of training and design experience. Marlaina has delivered thousands of virtual training sessions in recent years and is consistently regarded by her clients as exceptional. Marlaina has also adapted blockbuster instructor led courses to the virtual platform for clients such as Fierce, Inc., Sales Readiness Group and Johnson Financial Group.

Marlaina spent 9 years of her early career at Microsoft where she managed a training team that developed and delivered innovative skills programs to the Microsoft salesforce. Marlaina credits this challenging training audience with helping her become extraordinary in her field.
Marlaina also developed and launched the Microsoft Office User Certification program.

Marlaina is a lifelong learner and dedicated corporate trainer with a passion for teaching. In fact, since her early days as a child her favorite game was to play ‘school teacher’ Marlaina loved helping other people ‘get it.’ Whatever the content was she liked to help others understand something that was confusing or add clarity to something they didn’t understand, so that they could be better at what they do. That has not changed over the years. Helping others learn is her lifelong passion. And she pursues it with great tenacity.

Recognized by clients as a ‘master facilitator’ she has also cultivated her ability with instructional design: the hard work of taking raw content and turning it into a great learning experience. Four years ago, Marlaina began designing, developing and delivering Virtual Instructor Led Training for clients. Dissatisfied with the initial results, she began the quest for the science behind what would make this new training platform work for her participants. Once she knew the model was replicable she began delivering this service for clients and developing courses to teach others how to become experts in this field.

Working with Marlaina, assures you that the content you want to convey to your audience will be simmered to perfection. No quick fixes, no short cuts at the cost of the learning objectives. Be prepared for her rabid curiosity and spirited conversations about how to best get a point across and in the end, you’ll know that your learners will really get it.

About Riza Haas


Riza is a talented facilitator, instructional designer and visual designer extraordinaire. She has developed and delivered content for many technology companies and startups before, including LendingHome, Loftium and OfferUp to name a few.

Riza holds high instructional standards to the content she develops through compelling visual designs (illustrations, models, charts, graphics) that will bring your content to life. She is passionate about incorporating human-centered design that will support learning, instead of distracting the learners from the objectives.

Riza is also an excellent virtual- training facilitator who serves the audiences she delivers to, with a true learner-specific focus. She understands that a virtual delivery has its own sets of challenges for learners. Hence she strives to simplify and drive engagement, so that learnings will ‘stick’ past the training sessions and be implemented in the work. She observes her audience and customizes and personalizes delivery to appeal and capture their attention.

Riza’s personal passions include traveling, cooking and going on long walks with her husband and small dog.

About Ellen Cressey

Ellen CresseyAn avid learner herself, Ellen is passionate about designing programs that engage the learner. So many training programs put the emphasis on the information and fail to recognize the participant role in learning. Ellen believes in finding creative ways to spark engagement so that learning transfer will take place. Ellen’s creativity combined with her lean development and design approach helps companies efficiently deliver effective training programs that enable better business results.

Working for over three decades with diverse industries has enabled Ellen to use her love of learning to design, develop and deliver performance-based training programs that enable individuals and teams to be more effective. Ellen was fortunate to spend 8 years at Microsoft where she developed and delivered training programs for the worldwide sales teams.

In addition to her role as an individual contributor, Ellen also has several years’ experience in various management roles. She has managed a retail store, a training department and was the founding Board President for an innovative independent middle and upper school located in Kirkland, Washington. Ellen’s greatest compliments came from those she managed as was demonstrated by her 360 management reviews comments and scores. She continues to study both leadership and management to assist her in developing management programs.

After graduating from San Diego State University with her Social Science and Secondary Education teaching degree, Ellen moved to Redmond, Washington. Ellen continues to reside in Redmond, Washington and enjoys family, friends, reading, and gardening.

About Adriane Jones

Adriane Jones

Adriane has always had a passion for learning. From the beginning of her career in the Training and Development field Adriane was fascinated by the different ways people learn. She recognized that not everyone learns by reading or hearing a lecture, but instead by doing. While serving as a Training and Development specialist for Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s call center, Adriane was constantly challenged with ways to design and deliver content to appeal to a diverse audience.

Adriane applied this understanding of learning styles to and was responsible for overseeing Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s move from face to face training medium to a completely virtual model. It was then that Adriane developed her passion for creating both virtual instructor led training as well as e-learning that appeals to a wide variety of learning styles.

Adriane continues to expand her knowledge in the field as an active member and chairperson for the Cascadia chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), located in Portland, Oregon where she resides. Adriane has volunteered her time at Learning Events and currently helps to recruit and manage a team of volunteers for the chapter.

In her spare time Adriane enjoys the challenge of marathon training, baking, and spending time with her husband and her dog.