Avoid the 5 Common Mistakes
in the Move to Live Online Training

  • Prepare Facilitators
  • Design Engaging Content
  • Get Expert Advise

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Training Companies

Very likely you’ve entertained a live online version of your course. For you, this could open a new revenue stream by broadening your reach. We will work with you to ensure the conversion works well the first time, while maintaining the instructional integrity of your program.

Training Departments

It’s time to move some of your courses to live online training. Save yourself the headaches and shorten the very steep learning curve for Live Online Training. Let us help you be successful the first time.


You’re an expert in your field and want to reach more people. And you’ve been asked to deliver a Webinar. How do you avoid having people drop off the call within the first few minutes? How do you keep them engaged? Hint: it’s not just chats and polls. How can you make this webinar a good use of their time?